• Our deep engraver has the features such as flat engraving bottom, sharp edge, small heat-affected zone and high speed via precise optics rectifier and special focus technology.
  • We developed a special customized head which focusses the laser beam into a line. The head is specially designed to be handheld and light so that a human can easily hold it and move it around as you can see in the video!
  • All types of 1D, 2D and 3D manually-moving stages and tables such as XY stages, XYZ stages. Custom-design and made stages available upon request.
  • All types of laser cutting machines such as fiber laser cutting machines with or without enclosure. Laser power reaches as 3000W as high and cutting field may be >6000x4000mm.
  • Jewelry Laser Spot Welding, Fiber Delivery Laser Welding, Automatic Laser Welding, Mould Laser Welding, Galvanometer Scanning Laser Welding Machine.
  • All types of laser marking machines inluding CO2, DPSS YAG and fiber laser markers. Standard, portable and custom-made markers available upon request.
  • Full range of fiber lasers such as single mode laser, high power CW lasers, pulsed fiber laser, ps and fs fiber laser, MOPA fiber laser, ultra-wide-bandwidth fiber laser, superconnentiuum source.
  • A frequency-doubling material is coated on the glass surface. When an IR laser beam is illuminated on the coating material the frequency of the IR laser beam will be doubled from IR to green wavelength.
  • Laser safety goggles, curtains, shields and windows are available at all laser wavelengths and various frames. We also custom-design and -make these safety products according to your specific request.
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