• Beam Shaper / Top-Hat, Homogenizer / Diffuser, Beam Splitter MultiSpot, Vortex Lens, Multifocal Lens, Beam Sampler, Ring Generator, Dual Wavelength, Dielectric Mask, DOE Accessories
  • CW Lamp Power Supply (output current max. 40A), Pulsed Flashlamp Power Supply (pulse shape programable), IPL Power Supply.
  • Single or dual lamp high-efficiency laser pump chambers can accommodate laser rods of 3 to 10mm in diameter and up to 180mm in length.The chambers may be gold-coated reflector or ceramic reflectors
  • Gold, Silver, Ceramic & Doped Glass For Lamp Pumped Laser Systems.We can supply the cavities for almost lasers used in cutting, marking and welding systems produced by main makers.
  • We are the only company whose Continuous Wave Single Frequency DPSS Lasers uniquely perform at any wavelength within the range from NIR to UV from just a single technology platform.
  • CO2 laser tube is based on our proven ceramic core technology and has much longer lifetime. These RF-excited CO2 lasers are widely used in the processing of non-metals such as plastic organic materials BBS etc.
  • Full range of fiber lasers such as single mode laser, high power CW lasers, pulsed fiber laser, ps and fs fiber laser, MOPA fiber laser, ultra-wide-bandwidth fiber laser, superconnentiuum source.
  • ps laser, ps laser diode, fs laser, high power ps laser, high energy ps laser, tunable ultrafast source for microscopy applications, Ti:Sapphire ultrashort pulse laser, optical parametric amplifier.
  • Using transverse interferometry, the most sensitive fiber measurement technology is available.We provide multi-wavelength optical fiber refractive index profiling system and fiber mode analyzer.
  • A frequency-doubling material is coated on the glass surface. When an IR laser beam is illuminated on the coating material the frequency of the IR laser beam will be doubled from IR to green wavelength.
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