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Published on:Mar 04, 2017


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Smart,Compact,Cheap & Portable Laser Cutter & Engraver

The leading reliability issue with metal-tube lasers is that the metal is highly reactive with the gas mixture. Over time, as internal components wear, scrub each By utilizing the fullest possible use of open source Buyers self-assemble model, we actualized a low-priced laser cutter and engraver.

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Sintec Will Participate in Laser World of Photonics China

Sintec Optronics will participate in Laser World of Photonics China in Shangahi from March 14 to 16. Our booth number is N4-4550. We will show our latest products and technologies during the exhibition such as ultrafast lasers, DIGI laser sscanners, compact diode drivers etc. Also we will promote our new products at attractive prices. Welcome to our booth.

[New Product] Customized Picosecond Laser Processing Machine

We have developed a picosecond laser processing machine inspired by user requirements! This laser machine uses a high pulse energy picosecond laser source (average powers available from 10W to 50W). This laser machine is capable of high precision marking applications on user-required materials. The height requirement of this machine was to mark on huge metal cylinders.

[New Product] MoTex Zoom Beam Expander

MoTex is a zoom beam expander, designed for automated applications. It combines 5 separate lenses to provide variable magnification from x2,5 to x12. Control solution of the beam expander is versatile - making it controllable either remotely from computer or directly with control buttons.

Microlaser for Diamond Planning & Marking

Many diamond wholesalers or jewelry factories need to identify and process the raw diamond, we can offer the laser source for diamond planning marking. 1064 nm microlaser is a suitable laser source for diamond planning and marking, with perfect marking effect on the middle of the waist line of diamond, the minimum character height can be 40 um, and minimum marking line width 5 um.

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LLNL HAPLS petawatt laser reaches highest average power; ready for delivery to ELI Beamlines

The High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS), being developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), recently completed a significant milestone: demonstration of continuous operation of an all diode-pumped, high-energy femtosecond petawatt laser system. With completion of this milestone, the system is ready for delivery and integration.

University of Twente opens Fraunhofer R&D center in Netherlands

26 Jan 2017 Photonics-heavy program aims to innovate across valley of death to keep Dutch and German industry at competitive forefront. Initial projects include laser forming, labs-on-a-chip, and opto-mechanical sensors. Initial projects include laser forming, labs-on-a-chip, and opto-mechanical sensors.

The Laser’s Founding Father: Remembering Charles H. Townes

The Laser’s Founding Father: Remembering Charles H. Townes

Silicon nanoparticle is new candidate for ultrafast all-optic

Silicon nanoparticle is new candidate for ultrafast all-optical transistor

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