Fiber Delivery Laser Welder

  • Update:Jun 13, 2017
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Flash lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers with fiber delivery. Widely used in battery industry electronics sensors optical communication metal auto parts mold repair jewelry repair solar electric industry.

Product Introduction

Product features

*  Using pulsed xenon flashlamp pumped Nd:YAG rod to output 1064nm IR laser beam. Using arbitrayt waveleform real-time controlled current feedback to assure laser power and its waveform in good condition of stability and repeatability during working.

*  Laser power from 100 watts to 500 watts, covering small, medium and large power system, can basically meet the needs of industrial precision welding.

*  Multi-channel optical fiber delivery at same time to increase processing freedom, capable of multi-beam and multi-station machining, providing conditions for more sophisticated welding.

*  Output laser waveform can be set in accordance to welding material, shape, etc, which greatly improves welding quality and further solves some traditional welding challenges.

*  Mainly for thin-walled materials, precise parts welding, can achieve spot welding, joint welding, stack welding and sealed welding, etc. It posses high welding depth ratio, small welding width, small heat effected district, small deformation and fast welding speed, flat welding, beautiful, welding, high quality, no air hole, precision controlled, small focus spot, precision positioning, fiber delivery, easy to achieve automation.


Widely used in battery industry, IT industy, electronics, sensors, optical communication, metal, auto parts, mold repair, jewelry repair, eye glasses, porcelain teeth, solar, electric industry.

Main technical parameters

Laser wavelength


Laser output power


Spectroscopic method

Energy splitting or time splitting delivery

Closed-loop feedback control method

Arbitrary waveforms in real-time laser power negative feedback (optional)

Max pulsed power


Power fluctuation


Power spectral irregularity


Optical output quantity

Max.6 channel optical fiber delivery

Pulse width


Pulse frequency


Machine power rating


Electrical requirement

AC380V±5% 50/60Hz