Broadband Communication Sources

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A complete line of flattened Broadban and Comb Sources designed for optical-component measurement EDFA-subsystem evaluation and optical link characterization.

Product Introduction

Erbium Broadband Sources: ST-EBS Series

A complete line of flattened Broadband and Comb Sources designed for optical-component measurement, EDFA-subsystem evaluation and optical link characterization



Micro Broadband Source: ST-EBS-xs



Total Output Power 20 dBm non flattened, up to 19 dBm flattened
Spectral Width ~ 35 nm
Ripple for Flattened ± 1.5 dB over 35 nm
Stability (after 30-min warm up) ± 50 mdB/hr ( ±20 mdB/hr typical)
State of Polarization Unpolarized
Optical Isolation (output) 30 dB over bandwidth
Output Connector FC/APC

DWDM Comb Sources

The CombSource is designed to simulate a DWDM signal launched into a fiber link and is an ideal replacement for a costly bank of DFB lasers. It is well-suited for measurements of DWDM amplifier gain and noise figure spectra as well as the evolution of the OSNR and channel power spectra in long-haul, multiply-amplified DWDM systems.


* Replacement for bank of 90 DFB lasers

* Output power up to 22 dBm

* Excellent extinction ratio (>47 dB)

* Channels locked to ITU-T grid of 50 GHz or 100 GHz

* Units available in both C and L band


Simultaneously measure optical amplifier gain flatness and noise figure under conditions of full channel loading (high peak-to-valley extinction ratio extends NF measurement capability to high-power booster amplifiers).

Measure full C-band OSNR and channel power evolution over links consisting of multiple spans and optical amplifiers without the need for costly banks of DFB lasers.

Measure magnitude of inter-channel Raman pumping along a span for fully-loaded C-band case.

Test DWDM demux components.


  9022 4522 9622 4822  
Composite Output Power*  > 21.5 (22 typ) dBm
Power Stability**  better than 20 milli-dB/hr
Min. Spectral Range 1529 - 1565 1529-1567 nm
Min. Number of Channels 90 45 96 48  
Spacing Between Channels 50 100 50 100 GHz
Ripple < 2.0 dB
Min. Extinction Ratio***  45 50 44 49 dB
Max. channel Linewidth ( FWHM )  44 34 46 36 pm
Deviation from ITU Grid ≤ 20  pm

Other power versions are available upon request

After 60 min. warm-up

Measured with a spectral resolution of 20 pm

Erbium Broadband Sources - Duan Band ST-EBS-7514

The strong, uniform and extremely stable light of the dual band source makes it a very powerful source for component testing. It provides a uniform dynamic range for the characterization of high-loss passive optical components in both the C & L bands.




Spectral Width  
@ 3 dB > 76 nm
@ 20 dB 100 nm
Typical Ripple < 2.5 dB over > 75 nm
Stability 5 mdB/hr typ.
Output Power > 14 dBm

Flat High-power Broadband Sources: ST-EBS-4022, -4022L, ST-EYBS-3527


The ST-EBS-4022 Erbium Broadband Source is an extremely stable, flattened broadband source delivering 22 dBm in a 40-nm wide spectrum spanning the whole Erbium C band. It utilizes amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) from diode-pumped Erbium-doped fiber and a spectral shaping scheme which flattens the output to better than 1 dB from 1527 to 1567 nm.

Featuring the same power-spectral density as a full set of 100-GHz spaced DFB lasers, the ST-EBS-4022 can dramatically reduce equipment costs in a variety of telecommunications test sets. As a powerful, flat source, it also naturally lends itself to local networking using spectral slicing or optical code-division multiplexing.

The very high power of the ST-EBS-4022 provides an unsurpassed, uniform dynamic range for the characterization of passive optical components such as array waveguides. Testing is quick and precise, and with the remarkable spectral stability of the ST-EBS-4022, frequent spectrum recording is unnecessary.







  ST-EBS-4022 ST-EBS-4022L ST-EYBS-3527  
Total Output Power (typical) 22 ≥ 21 27 dBm
Spectral Width        
@ 3 dB ≥ 40 ≥ 40 35 nm
@ 20 dB 58 58   nm
Ripple (typical) 1 dB over ≥38nm ≤1.5 peak to peak 1dB over ≥32 nm