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We have developed a complete line of Pulse Selection Systems for use with Ti:Sapphire YAG YLF and OPOs from 350nm-to 1600nm applications. Customized options are also available.

Product Introduction

We have developed a complete line of Pulse Selection Systems for use with Ti:Sapphire, YAG, YLF and OPO’s from 350nm-to 1600nm applications. Customized options are also available.


Specifications of Electro-Optic Modulators:

Ti:Sapphire (350nm-to-500nm) Model 350-105 KD*P Series Modulator
Ti:Sapphire (700nm-to-1064nm) Model 350-160 KD*P Series Modulator
OPO’s (1000nm-to-1600nm) Model 360-120 LTA Modulator
YAG Laser (1064nm) Model 360-80 LTA Modulator
YLF Laser (1300nm) Model 360-120 LTA Modulator

Specifications of Associated Amplifiers:

Model Bandwidth Rise/Fall Time Max Voltage Diver Configuration Output
ST25D DC-to-30MHz 8ns 175 100ohms B.L. Digital
ST50 DC-to-50MHz 7ns 90 50ohms B.L. Analog
ST100 DC-to-100MHz 3.5ns 90 50ohms B.L. Analog
ST307A DC-to-50MHz 8ns 800 LC Digital

Specifications of Model 305 Synchronous Countdown System:

Input Clock Rate Mode Locker Input, 10MHz Min, 70MHz Max; External Input, 10Hz min, 140MHz Max
Countdown Range F(clock)/2 min, f(clock)/1*10^6 max
Input-Output Jitter <100ps, any count
Input Requirements Mode Locker Input – sine wave, -6dbm min (112mv RMS), +15dbm, max (1.3v RMS), Zi=50ohms External Input – 100mv peak min, 1.5ns min pulse width. +/- 2v peak max. Zi=50ohms Gate Input = TTL levels, min width one clock period. Burst ends one count after negativeedge of gate input signal. Zi=50ohms Single Shot Input = TTL levels, 10ns min pulse width. Zi=50ohms.
Delay Variable – 0-to-8ns, 7bit digital delay line. 62ps min resolution. Controlled by linear, single turn front panel control. Fixed – 8ns Switch selectable on front panel (in/out)
Outputs TTL – 50 ohm line driver, Voh type 2.5v into 50ohm load. Pulse width 1us type (Pulse with is se internally by discrete components). Tr, Tf, <3ns type Analog – Tr, Tf, <2ns, Unipolar 0-to-+1v fixed amplitude. Designed to drive DC coupled 50ohm load to ground. Pulse width – 8ns, set internally by 50ohm coax delay line. Sync – 50ohm TTL line driver, 1.3v into 50ohms. Negative edge.
Threshold Adjustment +/- 200mv applied to input comparator via single turn front panel control.
Input Power 85-250VAC, 47-63Hz, 50W
Dimensions 133 H x 430 W x 343 D mm. Rack Mountable. 5.25” x 16.88” x 13.5”
Weight Net 6.8 Kg, (15lbs)

Laser Stabilization System (ST-LASS-II) is designed as an electro-optic feedback loop capable of reducing the amplitude variations commonly associated with lasers. The ST-LASS-II system enhances the signal to noise ratio of the laser over a broad bandwidth. Both an internal and external reference input is provided, allowing analog programming of the laser throughput.

The ST-LASS-II is particularly convenient for use in recording systems where laser power must be varied as a function of position on the recording medium (i.e. video disc, flat bed recorders, etc.). The system is composed of feedback electronics, power supply and electro-optic modulator with integrated beam-splitter and photodiode amplifier.


Performance Characteristics  
Wavelength 514nm, laser power 50mw, lo= .5 lmax
Laser power 50mw, low = .5lmax
Beam diameter 1.4mm (1/e 2) TEM00
Noise reduction 1/1@ 500kHz (Int. Ref. Mode) 5/1 @ 100kHz 18/1 @50kHz 100/1 @10kHz 200/1 @1kHz 250/1 @200hz
Noise floor 458nm, -100db Relative to F.S.
DC stability-short term <1% Relative to Full Scale (@.5Imax, T=0 -> 1hr.)
External input impedance 1k nominal
External input voltage 0 -> +1 V Max
Electrical input power -20W (100-230 VAC)
The amount of light for calibration output of beam-splitter to diode @633nm – 300uw; @514nm – 450uw; @488nm – 540uw; @458nm – 820uw *Two different types of beam splitters are available to optimize efficiency and finesse
Static transmission 85% (excluding beam-splitter)
Useable aperture 2.5mm2
Optical bandwidth 400-900nm
Max throughput power 3.5w/mm2 TEM00
System options  
Standard system (532nm) ST-LASS-II with Model 370 E-O Modulator
Large aperture (532nm) ST-LASS-II with Model 370LA E-O Modulator
532nm-1064nm fs laser ST-LASS-II with Model 350-105 E-O Modulator
800nm-2000nm ps laser ST-LASS-II with Model 360-80 E-O Modulator
Rack mount RM Option
UV & DUV options 325nm-to-515nm, 257/266nm